Jan 13, 2009

A Memory of Rabbi Alan Lew, z"l

Shalom Chevreh -
this memory of Rabbi Lew is written by a student of his, and is a beautiful testimony to but a part of a special man named Alan Lew. 
May his memory be for a blessing,
A Memory of Rabbi Alan Lew, z"l
Shalom Spencer
For many years I was wrestling with a profound issue that perhaps has effected many Jewsof this generation. Having been alienated from Judaism though still participating I took up the practice of meditation. Issues still came up but there was no one to answer these complex issues. I migrated to California and discovered the work he was doing w/ Norman Fischer and began attending some of their retreats and classes. Needless to say I received a great deal.
Then Rabbi Lew authored three books all addressing profound issues that spoke to me and I am sure others. I read and continue to read these books as sources of inspiration.
One day I asked R' Lew in a private session what to do about my continuing anguish. I attend minyans but cannot "get into' it. His answer b'Kitzur  not only answered this question but so many others I have had and continue to have: Embrace the ambivalence.
Now with is passing and again feeling sadness, frustration and confusion I must enter into stillness and embrace my ambivalnce  
Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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