Aug 9, 2010

Announcing ShefaJournal 5770:3 - "Why Must Masorti/Conservative Judaism Thrive?"

Announcing ShefaJournal 5770:3 - "Why Must Masorti/Conservative Judaism Thrive?"

These last years have been transformative, with stronger and intentionally positive public relationships between leaders of our Movement, emerging alignment between Masorti Judaism in Israel and Diaspora Masorti/Conservative institutions, publication of new and vastly improved siddurim and machzorim (130,000 copies of Machzor Lev Shalem have already been purchased and Siddur Va'ani Tefilati was on the Israeli Bestseller List for 4 months this past year). 

It never hurts to ask basic affirming questions, especially facing a Movemental future which remains unsure despite our many successful projects.  This ShefaJournal is an attempt to clarify the motivations behind the energy so many professionals and lay leaders expend for the sake of Masorti/Conservative Judaism.  It is not narrow interest that compels the emotionality of our conversation – it is hope for the Jewish People and for the world at large that commands our devotion.  The three pieces within this one-page ShefaJournal are short, focused responses to one profound and simple question: "Why Must Masorti/Conservative Judaism Thrive?"

Each response is intended to be an outpouring of the heart, a quote usable by any institution of – and any individual in relationship with - the Global Masorti Movement.

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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