Aug 11, 2010

Fwd: California Faith for Equality -- THIS JUST IN - Ruling on stay expected TOMORROW!

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THIS JUST IN - we are expecting Judge Walker's ruling on whether same-sex marriages will be allowed to resume TOMORROW (Thursday, August 12) before noon! We will share the decision by email as soon as it comes out. All of us are prayerfully waiting, and we also know that some of you are eager to get married, or celebrate marriages of your loved ones, if the stay is lifted, and we want to support you as much as possible.

Some information about the stay:

If Judge Walker lifts the stay, it is likely it will be appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. At the 9th Circuit, it would be reviewed by a 3-person panel and their decision could be appealed to the full 9th Circuit and eventually the US Supreme Court. But because the US Supreme Court is not in session until October, the decision about lifting the stay would be appealed to the Justice in charge which, for the 9th Circuit, is Justice Kennedy.

Ways you can prepare if the stay is lifted and no further stay is granted by a higher court:

  • Contact your local Registrar-Recorder, City/County Clerk offices to find out their procedures for marriage licenses and civil ceremonies - click here for information.
  • Check local authorities - some counties (like Los Angeles) have an online application and you may walk in for a ceremony; others (like San Diego) require an appointment. Some counties (like Contra Costa) have already declared their readiness to assist same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses.
  • Officiants - check to see if officiants will be available at the offices and if an advance appointment is required.

CFE will be monitoring closely the decision and alert our clergy leaders to be ready to assist onsite - please contact us if you need help finding a clergy member to officiate a ceremony where you are:

If the temporary stay is lifted, and in the absence of a stay from a higher court, please send us your photos and stories if you take part in or witness a same-sex ceremony, and report to us if you were denied at any specific location or encountered any other issues.

In faith,

Samuel Chu

California Faith for Equality educates, supports and mobilizes California's communities of faith to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in California and to safeguard religious freedom.

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