Oct 14, 2010

Article about Ramah in Today's eJewish Philanthropy

Dear Friend of Ramah:

"Ramah as an Incubator for New Ideas" is one of the lead articles in today's eJewish Philanthropy: The Jewish Philanthropy Blog. The main theme of the article is that recent support from leading Jewish philanthropies for National Ramah staff training programs reflects a belief in the impact of the Ramah model of Jewish camping and leadership development.

Here are just two of the statements by leading Jewish funders that demonstrate this strong confidence in Ramah:

"Leadership and development statistics are consistent across the movements, pointing to the unbelievable power of the Jewish camping experience. What is special about Ramah is that it has a very centralized and strategic way of thinking and developing. It is easier for us to support those with a long history and a track record." --Jeremy Fingerman, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Jewish Camp

"Ramah young adults have the potential to be in the top echelons of American leadership and the Jewish community. Ramah camps are cauldrons of those being transformed by Jewish life. Why wouldn't we want to be close to that energy and do what we can to enhance it?" --Rabbi Eric Lankin, chief of Institutional Advancement and Education, Jewish National Fund

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Chag Sukkot Sameach, dear friends.