Oct 21, 2010

This Sunday from JFCS East Bay: "Helpers and Rescuers: Memoirs from the Holocaust"

Jewish Family & Children's Services of the East Bay

 Helpers and Rescuers: Memoirs from the Holocaust

Please join us for a special event showcasing the ongoing work of JFCS/East Bay's Holocaust Survivor Memoir Writing Group. Since the group's inception in 2008, members have written and revised countless pieces—each capturing the breadth of time, place, and the unique nature of individual experience. To prepare for this reading, group members came together to write about the ubiquitous and complicated notion of helpers and rescuers. Each man, woman, and child that survived, did so with the help of multiple people, courageous resolve, and often very fortunate (if not miraculous) circumstances.  The reading will explore the multifaceted nature of gratitude, the complex scenarios that turned otherwise ordinary people into rescuers, as well as the turmoil some faced when their survival meant enduring painful situations, severe neglect, and spiteful caregivers.  Please join us as our survivors reflect the honesty, strength, and beauty of their stories. 


Sunday, October 24, 2010

2:00 to 4:00pm

refreshments will be served

Suse Moyal Center for Older Adult Services

828 San Pablo Ave., Suite 104, Albany


Please RSVP to

Judy Blumenfeld at (510) 558-7800, ext. 766 or

Rita Clancy at (925) 927-2000, ext. 257


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