Oct 8, 2010

This sunday: minyan and a great program!

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Dear Friends,
We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for a great program!
All are welcome...Here are the details:

Sunday Morning Minyanim
October 10, 2010

Shacharit will be at 9:30, followed by a delicious breakfast…
presentation from 10:30 – 11:30…Everyone is welcome!!
October 10, 2010:  Soft conflicts - how do religious psychoanalysts
manage their dual identity?  Where and how do psychology and religion
overlap?  How have great psychoanalysts integrated their religion into
their identities?  How have they not? Through the lens of identity
theory and her own research, Nurit explores the role of religion in
understanding the human psyche. Presenter bio:  Welcome, Nurit Novis
–Deutsch, who has moved  for the year to Berkeley with her husband Avi
and three kids, to conduct research at UC Berkeley on the identity of
religious and secular American and Israeli Jews. When she's not
enjoying all that the Bay area has to offer, she lives in Jerusalem
and teaches psychology of religion at Hebrew University and at the
Schechter institute.

See you Sunday!  Shabbat shalom,

Toby Hopstone

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