Dec 21, 2012

Let Shabbat in. We all need it.

Let Shabbat in. We all need it. 
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Abraham Joshua Heschel z"l was introduced to address a packed auditorium somewhere. He walked to the podium and whispered to the crowd: "I saw a miracle on my way here tonight." Every person leaned forward in their chairs, waiting. Heschel continued, "I saw a flower. Isn't that amazing?"  It's too easy to miss simple miracles. 

There's a lot of work to do - a whole world to recreate - but let Shabbat in. Breathe deep. Let it in. 

We'll continue the work in 25 hours. It will wait. It will still be there. The world needs you to be strong enough to do your work.

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