Dec 11, 2012

Upcoming at Netivot Shalom: Authors, Directors, and Musicians (oh my!) @cnsberkeley

Upcoming at Netivot Shalom:
Authors, Directors, and Musicians (oh my!)
& don't miss Tuft University's Jewish A Cappella Group "Shir Appeal" in concert at Beth Israel, Jan 6th at 7pm! (cosponsored by Netivot Shalom and Beth Israel)
Faith Unravels: A Rabbi's Struggle with Grief and God
Featuring author Rabbi Daniel Greyber
Netivot Shalom, Berkeley
Dec. 20th, 7:30PM
Every year, thousands of young people die, leaving in their wake circles of grieving friends in need of support. Many look to how clergy understand loss but few religious traditions have a defined mourning process-or even a role in mourning-for non-family members. Faith Unravels speaks to the profound pain experienced by a forgotten mourner, not by making an argument about God or by offering a recipe of rituals, but by sharing a profound story of faith lost and regained anew.
Crime After Crime:
Film Screening & Discussion
with Director Yoav Potash 

Netivot Shalom, Berkeley

Jan 27th, 6pm screening, 7:30pm discussion
$5 requested donation
In 1983, Deborah Peagler, a woman brutally abused by her boyfriend, was sentenced to 25 years-to-life for her connection to his murder. Twenty years later, as she languished in prison, a California law allowing incarcerated domestic-violence survivors to reopen their cases was passed. Enter a pair of rookie land-use attorneys convinced that with the incontrovertible evidence that existed, they could free Deborah in a matter of months. What they didn't know was the depth of corruption and politically driven resistance they'd encounter, sending them down a nightmarish, bureaucratic rabbit hole of injustice. The outrageous twists and turns in this consummately crafted saga are enough to keep us on the edge of our seats. Meanwhile, the spirit, fortitude, and love all three characters marshal in the face of this wrenching marathon is nothing short of miraculous. We fall in love with the remarkable triumvirate as they battle a warped criminal-justice system and test whether it's beyond repair.
The Netivot Shalom Music Festival begins January 20th!
The Netivot Shalom Music Festival is back, and it cannot be contained to just one night!  The Festival will now feature five monthly Sunday concerts, starting on January 20th with Rabbi Creditor and The Way Praise Team (with Pastor Michael McBride).  Each concert features a distinct style of music performed by really talented musicians. See the exciting lineup here: Music Festival 2012!

Additional details and info about the artists are available at  What's more, you can purchase the perfect Chanukah gift, a season pass to all five concerts for just $50, which is $20 off the price of individual tickets! The Season Pass is available both at and in the CNS office, while advance sale individual tickets (with preferred seating and $2 discount) are available only at