Apr 3, 2013

I’m asking you to join me a week from tomorrow at an Interfaith All-Day Prayer Vigil in DC.

Dear Rabbinic Chevreh,

3,075 people have been killed by guns since Newtown. That's why I'm asking you to join me on April 11th, a week from tomorrow, in our nation's capital at an Interfaith All-Day Prayer Vigil.

The legal proposals making their way through our legislatiures are being slowed down and reduced by the NRA, and the ban on assault weapons has already effectively been taken off the table. The voice of faith is needed to call out loudly for an end to free-flowing violence in streets and cities across our country.

Thursday, April 11 in Washington DC the faith-based organizing group is hosting a 24 Hour Prayer Vigil, with 3,000+ crosses, stars of david, crescents, etc to remember the number of gun violence deaths since Newtown. We will be distributing the new book "Peace in Our Citites: Rabbis Against Gun Violence" to every Jewish member of the Senate, and will distribute a number to other lawmakers as well. We need at least one clergy person to be present during each hour of the vigil, offering prayers for the victims and courage for the Congress to vote. My brother-in-faith Pastor Michael McBride will spend the night at the vigil site, hopefully with a few more willing clergy. The specific location is being determined, and if you email me, I will make sure you receive the link for registration and updates.

Let's raise our Jewish voices in prayer, calling for our nation's healing from Gun Violence. I am asking for you to:

  • 1. Come to DC April 11th for vigil which begins at 8am and press event at 11AM,
  • 2. Wear your tallit,
  • 3. Be open to visiting your Senator and make a call to tell them you are coming,
  • 4. Commit to 1 hour of the vigil, and
  • 5. Be open to a video recording on site answering "Why my faith compels me to address gun violence"

The PICO Network will commit:

  • 1. Hotel accommodations for those who need to arrive on Wednesday evening or stay Thursday evening
  • 2. Support the scheduling of your visit with Senator
  • 3. Prepping for media and congressional visits

I hope you will join me on Thursday, April 11th, in Washington DC to pray for safety, for life, for peace. Please email me to stay informed.

Kol Tuv,

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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