Apr 30, 2013

The NRA doesn't care. [...Yet]

The NRA doesn't care. [...Yet]
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

A friend wrote: 
"The NRA doesn't care. It exists only to represent its member businesses' economic interests. In that sense the NRA too is like a corporation; it is an amoral entity dedicated only to increasing profits. How else can you explain their extreme positions on issues like assault weapons and cop killer bullets?" 
My response: 
"I don't disagree. NRA members, many of whom are also disappointed with the Senate's cowardice, are not being represented well. And if those NRA members become aware - and vocal - regarding this abuse of their good names, the NRA will lose some of its political clout, becoming even more transparent as a Lobbying front for Gun-Runners. Here's a link to a piece I wrote on this: http://rabbicreditor.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-nra-is-funded-by-gun-makers-in.html