Apr 9, 2013

Immediate Action Needed to Prevent Gun Violence


JCRC Action Alert:

The Senate is about to debate and vote on a gun violence prevention package:


Call Congress Today!! 

Add your voice to the nationwide effort to prevent gun violence.


Share on Facebook, use the #faithscalling and #demandaction hashtags on Twitter, text "FaithsCalling" to 877-877, and share with family and friends so they call the Senate as well.


Insist that Congress enacts universal background checks - and passes other needed gun violence prevention measures, such as bans on semi-automatic assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and gun trafficking, works toward enhanced school and campus safety and provides for improved access to mental health services. 


To learn more, visit  faithscalling.org or contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Mikey Pasek at 202.387.2800.