Apr 10, 2014

On "Self-Appointed Saviors" of Agunot

On "Self-Appointed Saviors" of Agunot
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Protesters on March 20 denounce Israel Meir Kin
during his wedding in Las Vegas. Read more... 

Most of the time my hashkafah/worldview is based upon respecting different opinions. But someone just commented on a thread about Meir Kin's abuse of his ex-wife by not providing her a get (religious divorce), and labeled those trying to free this person from her abusive former husband "self-appointed saviors." To this commentator, I can only say the following: HOW DARE YOU. A Jewish man in an Orthodox community cannot step into the shoes of a disempowered Orthodox Jewish woman and therefore has no right to contest those who champion her dignity. Adding to the wrongness of the commentator is his glossing over the fact that most of the activists are Orthodox Jews working towards human justice and halachic parity within the Orthodox community.