Apr 10, 2014

Pesach Crowdsourced Questions 5774/2014

Pesach Crowdsourced Questions 5774/2014
(Extra credit for the rhymes!)
Compiled by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Melissa Nunes-Harwitt: G-d's the One who made us free / What does that require of me?

Adrian Strizhak: This day is different in which way for you; how would you change to see it through?

Avi Greene: I must be me in order to be free. How do I transmit this to my baby is truly the key.

Jennifer Massie: Ma nishtanah ha laila hazeh? What is the next line - I can't remember... Meh.

Alex Weinberg: We need a ________ like we need a _____________ on the Seder plate. What is this year's fruit (and more importantly big issue/challenge that we need to tackle.)

Lyn Davidson: How do we find real freedom in an over-regimented, NSA-surveillance world? Or if you want to put it another way, how do we meaningfully feel, "I personally was redeemed from slavery to the mixed blessings of technology?"

Melissa Nunes-Harwitt: How do we embrace the past / without letting it hold us fast?

Steve Weisman: For me, the "big question" this year is about the search for meaning… and in particular, finding new meaning for us today in the two searches of the holiday -- for chameitz before the meal (both physical AND spiritual) and the afikomen during the meal (and that truly IS a search for meaning -- I highly recommend Jeff Salkin's excellent blog… )… hopefully leading to better paths to fulfilling "b'chol dor vador..." and allowing us, and others, to move from degradation to glory...

Josh Kornbluth: If I help you find the afikomen, will your parents give me a car to ride home in?

Jennifer Massie: Am I wicked or am I wise? I think my pants have grown one size

Sara Sato: If you miss the seder plate, are you considered fashionably late?

Mindy Geminder: I'm the pondering child who asks so many questions, curious. But will my Pesach be extra tasty like the recipes on epicurious?