Jun 6, 2012

From Human Rights Campaign: "Breaking News: Marriage victory under threat" - http://www.hrc.org/support

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What we raise in the next 24 hours could secure marriage equality in the State of Washington for good.


Dear Rabbi Menachem,

We just learned that our hard-won marriage equality victory in Washington state is headed to the November ballot – and that means we have to out-organize, out-fund, and out-vote our anti-LGBT opposition.

We can make history happen.

Chip in to the grassroots campaign to secure our marriage future in Washington now.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and other right-wing groups started hatching a plan to collect signatures before Governor Chris Gregoire even signed the marriage equality bill into law in February.

And NOM even pledged more than $1 million to fund the effort.

But we won't let their money and scare tactics turn back the clock – not when we fought so hard to win marriage in the Washington legislature in the first place. Gov. Gregoire recognized HRC as a leader in that effort, and we pledge to be at the forefront of the battle to defend marriage equality in November.

This is our moment – not theirs. Help pull out all the stops to defeat NOM at the ballot box in November. Pitch in to our Washington Ballot PAC now to give the Washington United for Marriage "Approve R74" campaign a running start.

We've only gotten this far because of hard work and supporters like you – folks who understand what's happening in Washington state and who think marriage equality should be law once and for all.

And now that marriage equality is on the ballot, the fight is about to get ugly. To prepare, we're doubling down on our efforts – even more field operatives all over the state working to recruit thousands of volunteers for phone banking, community meetings, and canvasses.

Stopping this ballot initiative will mean going dollar-for-dollar and ad-for-ad against the deep pockets of the organizations trying to rollback this historic law. There will be lies. There will be attacks. They simply do not care about smearing our families and hurting our kids.

You stood with us to lead the campaign to pass marriage equality earlier this year, and now we ask that you stand with us to protect the gains we made and defend marriage for same-sex couples in Washington.

What you do right now could help shape the course of marriage equality not only in Washington – but all over the country.

100% of your contribution today goes straight to the fight in Washington – and it says we won't back down. It says we're fighting – from now 'til the last ballot is counted.

Every one of our victories comes down to your support and dedication. Thank you for your commitment to this fight.

Let's go,
Marty Rouse
Marty Rouse
Field Director
Human Rights Campaign


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