Jun 19, 2012

A Geniza Kavannah

A Geniza Kavannah
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

inspired by Lisa Orson, 
and with gratitude to Sinai Memorial Chapel

[to be recited before burying sacred Jewish items]

Though we are saying goodbye to you, our sacred items,
we say "Hadran Alach - we will return to you."

Through reading and experiencing what you contain and suggest, we have grown as human beings and as Jews. We have discovered more about God and the world through the gifts you were. May we be blessed to learn ever more, knowing that wherever we find ourselves on our Jewish journeys, we have reached this far thanks to you.

We gently place you in the earth, reuniting you with the raw creation to which all things return. In the names of all Jewish students and teachers who were, are, and will be, we humbly thank you.