Feb 10, 2013

91 Americans were killed by guns Jan 19-21 #nowisthetime

from nbcnews: "Death takes no holiday: Tracking gun violence over one long January weekend"
One of 91 deaths identified by guns across America on a long holiday
weekend: Officers with the Bexar County, Texas, Sheriff's Office
 investigate the shooting death of Jesse Rosas, whose bullet-riddled
 body was found on the side of a road near San Antonio on
Jan. 21. Police have not identified any suspects.

"...By the end of the long weekend — after President Barack Obama had spoken and the red, white and blue confetti strewn along Pennsylvania Avenue had been cleaned up — at least 91 people across America had been killed by guns. That's more than three times the number of caskets needed in Connecticut after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. These 91 people died, not in a single burst of violence over a few minutes, but spread over a three-day weekend, like an autoworker stealing an entire convertible one part at a time to escape notice."