Feb 6, 2013

Sh'ma February 2013: Questions for a Multidimensional Judaism

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This month, Sh'ma focuses on a work by Jerusalem-based artist David Moss, "The Multi-Dimensional Jew," which uses six key questions to engage with core Jewish values: self, community, history, God, home, family, and relationships. To dive deeply into these six existential questions at the core of Moss's work, I invited six people to share their thoughts with us:

In addition, B. Elka Abrahamson writes about the sacred secrets of the Hebrew alphabet, and how to find a teacher to help discover Jewish texts anew. Jonathan Woocher writes about how our educational programs and institutions might look if we altered the nature of the questions that inspired them: How would contemporary Judaism change if we were more thoughtful about the questions we ask? Owen Gottlieb shares a new board game based on a multidimensional Jewish sensibility, and Beth Cousens suggests a new set of questions to assess Jewish identity. Our Talmud page (NiSh'ma) examines a teaching about what we hold in our pockets, and this month's ethics column, written by Yair Sheleg, examines halakhah and democracy in Israel.

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- Rachel S. Harris reminds us that while we cannot guess what is ahead of us, it is built upon a solid sense of self, and grows on branches that have been well tended and well watered, on trees that were long ago planted.

- Avram Mlotek dives deeper into the text of b'Shem haShem as something that encapsulates the journey of the multidimensional Jew.

- Franny Silverman explores each of the six questions posed in this month's issue through an intricate, text-based image.

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I hope you will take this issue as an invitation to question the many dimensions of your Jewishness — even if the answers rarely seem clear.

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Susan Berrin, Editor-in-Chief