Feb 5, 2013

New Opportunity for Youth Davening @CNSBerkeley: Mah Tovu!

Presenting: A new and exciting Shabbat opportunity for your children at Netivot Shalom: Mah Tovu!

The next Mah Tovu service is scheduled for THIS SHABBAT (February 9) at 11:15 am in the CNS library!


Here is the scoop:
  • The Mah Tovu service is a once-a-month addition to youth programming on Shabbat at CNS! 
  • The purpose of Mah Tovu is to empower your kids to learn and lead parts of the Shabbat morning service.  
  • This is junior congregation with a big emphasis on youth-led singing, praying, and reading Torah that they prepare in advance!
  • We will use the regular Sim Shalom Siddur for Shabbat!
If you are interested, this is what you do:
  • Contact Eliana Kissner by email at amitim@netivotshalom.org to say that your child/ren will participate!
  • If you would like them to participate but are not sure how, 
    Let's talk! 
  • Parents are encouraged to attend Mah Tovu with your children for the first couple of meetings!
Congregation Netivot Shalom // 1316 University Avenue // Berkeley, CA 94702