Feb 21, 2013

Courage: In Search of Jewish Leaders

Courage: In Search of Jewish Leaders
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

It takes courage to lead.
and love.
an indefatigable soul.

the world does not flow with hope yet,
and yet within Jewish narrative
is the notion that
a smoldering flame can be a holy fire
which doesn't consume
those who serve as vehicles
for its heat.


the "religious path"
is but one way to articulate
the path to the sacred
best embodied by tradition,
and "rabbi"
is but one name for our work.

it is a collaborative journey,
but only open to
those who hear the call.

the world needs what Jews are,
what Judaism holds.

this is a moment of fragility,
of uncertainty
for Judaism.

our great projects deserve
the greatness of our tradition.

there are assertions
become too quiet

ours is a Jewish world
in need of rebbes
who might or might not be rabbis.

but rabbis cannot not be rebbes.

there is a rightful fear of the ego,
but if that ego is in service of the Divine,
then it requires unleashing.

the smoldering embers
of the Jewish People
need the right kind of spirit
to breathe back the glow of Jewish hope.

now is the time for Jewish leaders
to discover their voices,
to be amplified in the world,
to pierce aimlessness, hopelessness
which are, in truth,
of our own making.

Chag Sukkot Sameach, dear friends.