Feb 1, 2010

Getting it and Sharing it Well

Getting it and Sharing it Well
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Last night, MK Tzipi Livni spoke to the Masorti Leadership Mission
last with passion, but, despite her convictions that Israel needs a
constitution and a new electoral system, she didn't truly 'get' what
Masorti Judaism is.

Again, a resonance between Israel and the US - we, the organized
Conservative Jewish world, have historically been held hostage by a
paralyzed institutional system. I believe we are witnessing (and am
commited to working towards) not just a resilient institutional
infrastrcture, but to promoting our distinctly non-fundamentalist
path, a sacred, structured, responsive traditional Jewish path.

And this is what is sorely needed everywhere, I believe. Livni's
concern that Israelis are less and less aware of anything Jewish in
their identities - isn't this true in the diaspora as well? But what
is needed is already here - a passionatean resonant path forward. I
believe in my core that this path is not exclusively 'owned' by
Masorti Judaism, but it is certainly there.

I feel like Masorti/Conservative Judaism has historically sat on their
hands, letting things happen, forgetting that it is a sacred calling
to share the beauty of our approach using every tool in our soulful
'arsenal' - a campaign to not just opose fundamentalism, but to
effectively present sacred authentic path. This is changing, and must
continue to receive widespread attention and support. The Masorti
Foundation board chair spoke to this last night, and I am hopeful and
energized for us all that she and so many others are dedicated to
changing the world..

I am convinced this is the way forward, and that HaYom (the Coalition
for the Transformation of Conservative Judaism) and Masorti are part
of a global renaissance which, please God, can, and must, be
successful not only in reaching the thousands and thousands of Jews
who seek a healthy sacred life, but also (and perhaps most
importantly) in supporting and inspiring those of us who dedicate (as
volunteers and professionals) our lives to building the sacred network
we all need.

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