Feb 1, 2010

Two shuls, or 'here and there'

So interesting to visit two Masorti shuls, in Be'er Sheva and Omer, to
learn with their rabbis, educators, and layleaders, to see so many
similarities between tfutzot (diaspora) shuls and israeli shuls.

Many north american shul-Jews presume a solid Jewish framework and
identity in the 'typical' israeli - but the preschools are developing
family education here too, based on a lack of Judaism being lived in
family experiences... The majority of Jews in the world now live in
Israel - and, despite very different conditions, we're all working in
the same direction and against similar trends of Jewish

The networks of best-practice Foundations like the Legacy Heritage
Foundation have seeded many programs here and in North America, but
that funding doesn't continue indefinitely I where will (non Orthodox)
Israeli Jewish educators turn?

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