Feb 2, 2010

IDF and Education

IDF and Education
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

The Goldstone Report gets the headlines, but it creates the assumption
that there is no internal critial moral reflection and evaluation as
part of the established IDF ethos and practice. Additionally, that
there was only testimony from Palestinians under Hamas 'supervision'
seems to go unnoticed as well...

This is not a blanket approval of IDF actions, nor does it change my
conviction that Israeli occupation is problematic nor that there
should be, soon and in our days, a Palestinian state.

It is, more importantly, an affirmation of trust that the IDF doesn't
need the Goldstone Report to regain its moral standing. I was
reminded of something that I knew but forgot through a media-filled
life: IDF soldiers are taught to never forget the humanity of the
Palestinians, and that the public debate that the Goldstone Report is
embraced by the very army it criticizes.

The IDF is a moral organization, with a Jewishly-connected and
universally-grounded ethical education at its core. It is easy to
forget this from a distance.

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