Jul 7, 2010

JFCS East Bay: We're Here to Help


In response to both the everyday and significant challenges of life, JFCS/East Bay offers a range of counseling services to our community. We invite you to learn about the ways we support diverse individuals, families, and couples by reading below.

JFCS/East Bay offers sliding-scale fees and flexible daytime and evening hours. We also accept Medi-Cal, Medicare, and private insurance.
Individual & Couples Therapy
JFCS/East Bay offers a variety of therapeutic approaches for adults needing assistance navigating life's challenges. Clients come to JFCS/East Bay for help in exploring personal, family, work, and other life issues. For couples in all different kinds of relationships--married, unmarried, gay/lesbian, and interfaith--our counselors serve as caring guides and mediators.

Play Therapy for Children
When a child is facing an ongoing emotional issue or a crisis, play therapy can be an effective way for them to communicate their feelings and thoughts. Therapists use play therapy to help children express what is troubling them when they cannot describe their emotions verbally. Using play, our therapists can help a child address a range of significant issues, including frequent crying and tantrums; trouble getting along with others; eating or sleeping problems; fear and worry; anger and aggression; or the death of a loved one.

Parent-Child and Family Therapy
Our staff works with families to help parents understand their child's temperament, behaviors, and development, all with the goal of facilitating closer relationships. Our therapists respect both parental and child perspectives and help the whole family move toward better communication. If the family has experienced separation or divorce, parent-child or family therapy can be invaluable in strengthening bonds and assisting children through the process.

School-Aged and Teen Services
JFCS/East Bay is proud to provide targeted services for families as the children progress through the school years. Our programs nurture your teen's self-esteem and help him or her make healthy choices. We provide individual counseling sessions for youth on topics such as depression, body image, divorce, academic and social struggles, addiction, and sexuality. Parent-child therapy sessions can focus on communication techniques and relationship building.

Counseling for LGBT Community Members
JFCS/East Bay's therapists are available to provide guidance on the range of issues experienced by LGBT individuals of all religions and affiliations. We have expertise working with people who are exploring their sexual or gender identity for the first time as well as people in all stages of transitioning. JFCS/East Bay is also committed to providing guidance for couples as they explore their readiness to enter into long-term committed relationships. Our professional mental health staff will help you and your partner examine the various issues that may arise for you, and your families, as you move toward this level of commitment.

Family Mediation

JFCS/East Bay provides mediation services for families seeking to resolve child custody issues, develop visitation schedules, or modify current parenting plan schedules. We also can help families implement their parenting plans in a positive manner. Our co-parent counseling can assist parents who are separated and raising children in two households work together to promote the best interests of their children. Additionally, we offer mediation services for other family and neighbor disputes.

Older Adult Counseling
Individual, couples, and family counseling can help older adults, their families, and their caregivers cope with the inevitable stresses that comes with aging. Our skilled staff helps seniors manage changes in independence or health; the death of a loved one; isolation due to illness or disability; or moving from a life-long home. We also assist adult children with the psychological demands of caring for an aging family member.

Bereavement Services
For relatives and friends who have suffered the loss of a loved one, our weekly support group and individual counseling sessions offer heartfelt guidance through the feelings of loss, isolation, and anger, and help participants learn how to live with the grief process.

Jewish Family & Children's Services of the East Bay

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