Jul 12, 2010

This is the moment -- Announcing "Bay Area Masorti"

Dear Chevreh,

There is an answer to everything that's happened today in Israel.  It is a new Zionism, a healthy, pluralist, non-fundamentalist, passionate, Jewish Zionism.  It requires energy, funding, and diverse voices.  In partnership with the Masorti Movement, and with the support of Shefanetwork.org, a new and deeply important effort in the Bay Area is set to launch.  It was to be rolled out in a few weeks, but today's events make this news and the need for this effort ever more clear.

Bay Area Masorti is, among other things, focused on:

  1. strengthening the connection between USCJ congregations and the Masorti Movement in Israel.
  2. To consider "Masorti" as a distinctive track of Zionism and a unique way of supporting Israel.
  3. To motivate advocacy and financial support for the Masorti Movement in Israel.
  4. To introduce new concepts and ways of being meaningfully Jewish in today's society into the Conservative movement in the U.S.
In order to accomplish these goals (and others), we have engaged Masorti Rabbi Avi Novis-Deutsch as the inaugural Bay Area Masorti Visiting Scholar.  Avi and his family have moved to Berkeley, and he will spearhead a number of fascinating and important events and learning opportunities around the Bay Area in the year to come.  Stay Tuned.

I am committed to seeing this project bring strength and support, both financial and spiritual, to the Masorti Movement as one of the Israeli grassroots efforts to take back our homeland.  It is nothing less than that.  Today demonstrates that the need is only growing.  I need your help.  The total budget for Bay Area Masorti this coming year is $5,000. We are forming a board of advisors who will determine methods for allocating funds raised beyond administrative needs.  If you can help with a gift of any amount to support Bay Area Masorti, please be in touch with me directly at rabbicreditor@gmail.com.

Today we begin to respond with renewed commitment, a deepening sense of urgency, and an unwavering love for what the State of Israel is meant to mean.

With hope, even in this month of Av, for comfort and strength,
Rabbi Creditor

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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