Nov 8, 2011

Josh Kornbluth: * David Mamet To Open for Me at Temple *

Hi, Friends:
We're all aflutter at my local synagogue, Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, because David Mamet -- playwright, filmmaker, essayist, tough guy -- will be interviewed there this Thursday evening, Nov. 10.  This public event will be a benefit for our beloved shul, and the interviewer will be my pal Dan Schifrin of the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  I encourage you to buy tickets and hang out with us as the great writer discusses "race, Jews, and power" -- uncontroversial subjects in which I imagine the resourceful Mamet will somehow find a kernel of drama.  Tix & info here.
I have taken the liberty of writing a short play in anticipation of this benefit:
Setting: A temple.
Act 1, Scene 1: Interviewer enters sanctuary, sits on one of two chairs, waits.  After a time, Playwright enters, clearly agitated.
PLAYWRIGHT: F---in' rabbi.  F---in' rabbi.  F---in' rabbi.  F---in' rabbi.  F---in' rabbi.  F---in' rabbi.  F---in' rabbi.
INTERVIEWER: What's the matter?
PLAYWRIGHT: F---in' rabbi.
Okay, maybe writing dramatic dialogue isn't as easy as I thought -- so I'll stick to what I normally do, monologuing and occasional filmmaking.  Both of which I'll get to display at another Congregation Netivot Shalom benefit on Saturday evening, Nov. 19, when I will perform excerpts from my solo piece Love & Taxes and also show clips from the upcoming Love & Taxes feature film I've been making with my brother Jake -- followed by a conversation with Rabbi Menachem Creditor, in which we will neatly resolve all outstanding questions regarding love, taxation, and Judaism.  It'll be lots of fun!  Tix & info here.
I hope to see you at Congregation Netivot Shalom!!
Take care,
#OccupyYeshiva (OY)