Jan 31, 2013

#bendthearc: Speak Out on Gun Violence! Interfaith Call-in day is Feb 4th! @piconetwork #nowisthetime

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Gun Violence Call In Day- Feb 4
Since the terrible shooting in Newtown, CT, we have been thinking about how to act as a Jewish voice for a nation safe from gun violence. This is an issue that affects all Americans, and disproportionately affects poor communities. We must take action.

Bend the Arc has joined "Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence," a coalition of more than 40 groups that formed two years ago to confront our nation's gun violence epidemic.

Next Monday, February 4, we will join in "Faiths Calling," a national call-in day designed to show members of Congress that there is a powerful demand from people of all faiths for federal action to prevent gun violence. Please mark your calendar to join in this effort, and commit to using just a few minutes of your time on Monday to make your voice heard.

Then, please share this request with your friends, family and colleagues so that we can make as strong a showing as possible. Gun violence prevention laws, no matter how reasonable, will be very, very tough to pass through Congress – and will only pass through an overwhelming show of public support.

All of the information you need to participate can be found on the Faiths Calling webpage.

Join us to show the strong support of the Jewish community for gun safety in this important interfaith effort.

With hope,

Alan van CapelleAlan van Capelle
Alan van Capelle,
Chief Executive Officer

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