Jan 28, 2013

Fierce Feelings

Fierce Feelings
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

I. Prophecy is Dead

No one listens.
But then again,
no one ever has.

But the Call 
is somehow changed:
the willingness 
to call and be called 
has faded.

The Prophets 
felt fiercely
couldn't hold it back
couldn't be held back
shouted spoke whispered cried.

Prophets don't want their jobs.
Never did.

But something has changed:
Prophets have forgotten
they're prophets.

II. Who are my elders?

I pour out my heart
and the family of my birth
only sees words,
wondering what I mean,
questioning diction,
deaf to my heart.

I nod my head
along with my tribe.
We don't look much alike,
but I know my brothers and sisters
by the vibrations of their souls.

Who are my elders?

III. Before or Later

Maybe in a past life
he tells me,

I wear tzitzis,
in this life.

But he tells me
I might have been
"a little darker"

I say
maybe one day,