Jan 14, 2011

10,000 Americans to Fox: Fire Glenn Beck

Dear Friends,

Yesterday morning in sub-freezing temperatures, I joined JFSJ president Simon Greer on the sidewalk in front of News Corporation here in New York City. After years of unchecked hate mongering and public incitement, we were there to tell Fox News that we've had enough of Glenn Beck. Thanks to all of you who joined us there! If you couldn't make it this morning, we have the next best thing for you.

Watch Simon attempt to deliver a giant pink slip for Mr. Beck, and the names of 10,000 people from our community calling for Rupert Murdoch to end Glenn Beck's tenure at Fox News. Simon also unveiled Glenn Beck's Ten Worst Quotes of 2010. Unfortunately, Simon was not allowed to enter the News Corporation building, or to leave our 10,000 letters for Mr. Murdoch.

Video | Action @ Fox

Today's event was the latest step in our campaign to hold Fox News accountable for the malicious three-day attack on Holocaust survivor George Soros last November.

Want to learn more about the campaign? Get all the latest news at jewishjustice.org/fox. You can also help us get the truth out about Glenn Beck by sharing Glenn Beck's Ten Worst Quotes of 2010 with your friends and family.


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Mik Moore
Chief Strategy Officer
Jewish Funds for Justice