Jan 6, 2011

Update on Debbie Friedman: Our prayers are needed

Shalom Chevreh - for those who haven't yet heard, Debbie Friedman is gravely ill.  The following information has been circulated on many listserves. May the healing she has brought to so many be hers very soon. Shabbat Shalom, Menachem
The measures the doctors have been using are not succeeding in opening up her lungs.  They are going to try rotating her bed in different ways on Thursday in the hope that that may shake loose some of the material blocking her breathing.  Those in attendance are speaking of the need for a miracle.
Please pray for Debbie's recovery.  She is a strong believer in the power of prayer, she has elevated so many prayers with her music, and has taught us how to pray through the melodies she has written.  Pray this week and on Shabbat, sing the songs that have accompanied your growing up, sing her Mi She-berach with all the power you have--get together with friends and colleagues and sing other songs of hers together--let her hear us in her bed in Orange County, and let the Holy One hear us in the heights of heaven.
We are but a few weeks past Chanukah, a season of miracles, and already we are past the winter solstice; the days are getting longer even as we speak; the light is returning.  Or zarua la-tzadik--plant the seeds of light in all the places you can on behalf of this remarkable woman who has given so much to the Reform Movement and  to Jews all over the world.

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