Jan 30, 2011

the struggle for Israel on the Rutgers campus

Shalom Chevreh - 

See the links below from the urgent and emotional struggle for Israel on the Rutgers campus: - this is serious. it is immediate. and it's connected, even if not explicitly, to the work we've been engaging in Berkeley, SF, and beyond. 

Please consider posting the links below on your Facebook account, or just share them with others.  My general message is something short like "Israel is as 'human' as every other country, for good and for bad. But it is our home, with every right to be loved and defended."

Kol HaKavod to the Rutgers Hillel staff, including our colleague and teacher Rabbi Esther Reed (associate director for campus jewish life), on supporting our students and community!  may the work ahead be less, and the support at least as strong.

kol tuv,