Jan 4, 2011

Adult version of Write On for Israel to Launch in February 2011!

BlueStar's New Write On for Israel program for Adults Starts on February 6, 2011!

Do you wish you could do something about Israel's PR challenges?  Tired of feeling powerless against Israel's treatment by the media?  Do you wish you knew what to say or how to write to turn things around – and make a difference? 

You are not alone.

If you are ready to turn your frustration into action, please join us in the new adult-only Write On for Israel. Modeled after our successful teen program, Write On for Adults will start in February 2011 and meet one Sunday a month until June 2011.

Whether you're interested in strengthening our community's voice against unfair media coverage or simply looking for ways to counter an anti-Israel comment at a cocktail party, Write On for Israel for Adults is for you.  (Quick: How would you respond to a partygoer who tells the group that Israel should never have been created?)

Held once a month on Sunday mornings in San Francisco at the Jewish Community High School, our goal for the program is to make sure that everyone who cares about Israel's future can discover their courage, learn advocacy skills and feel empowered by the support of like-minded peers.

Write On For Israel for Adults Benefits:

– Improve Your Writing, Critical Thinking and Speaking Skills

– Discover the Ideas and Events that Have Shaped Israel 

– Understand Israel's Strategic Predicament 

– Explore Journalism and Media Analysis 

– Explore the Story of the Jewish People in Israel

– Create Friendships with Like-Minded Israel Supporters from the Bay Area

The Full Schedule for Spring 2011 is as follows:

  • February 6, 2011 (10am-noon) Donna Rosenthal, author of The Israelis, will speak on Blurred Vision: Israel and the International Media
  • March 6, 2011 (10am-noon) Jonathan Carey, BlueStarPR, will speak on How to Connect Americans With Israel
  • April 3, 2011 (10am-noon) Jonathan Carey, BlueStarPR, will speak on Turning your Frustration into Action
  • May 1, 2011 (10am-noon) Sue Fishkoff, Experienced Journalist, will present Standing Up for Israel in Public: Speaking Exercises
  • June 12, 2011 (10am-noon) Sue Fishkoff, Experienced Journalist, will speak on Working the Media: Making Your Voice Heard
All Classes to be held at the Jewish Community High School of the Bay, 1835 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA

Optional Travel Opportunity: You are also invited to join us on a "Behind the Scenes" journalism trip to Israel in the fall of 2011 to meet and interview newsmakers, politicians and journalists yourself.  What better way to learn about what is really going on than from firsthand accounts from Jewish and Arab Israelis themselves?

To find our more about how you can enroll in this 5-session monthly program or the trip to Israel, please call us at 415-543-6300 or fill out the form below and return to wofi@bluestarpr.com:


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P.S. Please share our information with any friends or relatives who might be interested in taking the course with you.

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