Jan 19, 2011

Hope to see you this Sunday at CNS! - Sue Fishkoff presents—Kosher Nation: The Good, the Bad, the Treyf

Sunday, January 23rd @ CNS!
Sue Fishkoff presents—Kosher Nation:  The Good, the Bad, the Treyf

minyan at 9:30, presentation at 11:30

Why is 40 percent of the food for sale in American supermarkets kosher, when Jews make up less than two percent of the population?  Why do non-Jews believe kosher food is safer, healthier, and better than non-kosher? And why won't Orthodox Jews eat Hebrew National—but Conservative Jews will? Come hear the author of "Kosher Nation: Why More and More of America's Food Answers to a Higher Authority" as she tells the tale of American Jews' changing relationship to the food we eat.

Oakland resident Sue Fishkoff is a longtime Jewish journalist ,  a former correspondent for the Jerusalem Post and a current reporter for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA). She wrote one book about Chabad ("The Rebbe's Army") and a second about kashrut ("Kosher Nation"), which is somewhat surprising considering her own religious practice—which is constantly evolving, so who knows?