May 29, 2013

From Rabbi Creditor: An Invitation to Torah!

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with Netivot Shalom!

11:00 am - Israel in the Gardens, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco - -- wear your Netivot Shalom shirts!


2:00 pm - God-Talk Teacher Cohort with Rabbi Shalom Bochner


4:00 pm - Strategic Plan & Mission Statement Meeting Families with Children below age 18

5:00 pm - Social Action Cooks at Dorothy Day Men's Shelter - to volunteer sign-up at For questions email  
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From Rabbi Creditor:  An Invitation to Torah!
20 Sivan, 5773 // May 29, 2013 
Our Torahs Are Being Repaired!
Dear Chevreh,
Thanks to Robin Braverman and Caroline Taymor on behalf of the CNS Ritual Committee, Sofer Zerach Greenfield visited Netivot Shalom on May 7 and conducted a complete  inspection of our Torahs, discovering that two of them needed extensive repairs.  
One of these precious Torahs, a permanent loan to Netivot Shalom from the family of Pat Hellman and Steve Gottlieb, once belonged to Pat's mother z"l. Pat and her sister have graciously offered to cover the expenses of the repair of their mother's Torah. Their family's contribution to our Jewish communal life is as precious as, well, Torah!
This means that we now have the opportunity to help us repair our other Torah that required approximately $2,000 of repairs. If you would like to be a support our Torah's repair, please be in touch with me directly at
Once the Torah's have made their ways back home, repaired and ready for use, we will hold a special re-dedication, where we'll do some good old Jewish learning and share in the celebration together. More on this soon.
For all we each do to build Netivot Shalom's holy community: Todah, Todah, Todah!
Kol Tuv,
Rabbi Creditor