May 23, 2013

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Second Edition


Foreword by Rabbi Jill Jacobs

Introduction by Pastor Michael McBride

Afterword by Teny Oded Gross

Edited by Rabbi Menachem Creditor


Second Edition Afterword by Dr. Erica Brown




1             FOREWORD: Violence, Jews, and Justice

Rabbi Jill Jacobs


3             Introduction: Seek the Peace of The City:  The Moral Mandate for Gun Control

Pastor Michael McBride


7             A Letter That Changed My Life

Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler


9             "And None Shall Make Him Afraid": The Jewish Legacy and Guns

Rabbi Steven Greenberg


17          Where is Our Strength? Bearing Arms in Jewish Thought

Rabbi Sheldon Lewis


23          I Live on a Quiet Tree-Lined Street

Rabbi Shalom Bochner


25          Becoming Actors

Rabbi Nina Mandel


29          A Prophetic Response to Gun Violence

Rabbi Menachem Creditor


35          The Name on The Bullet

Rabbi Jack Moline

37          Unnecessary Danger: A Jewish Reflection on Guns, Violence and Personal Safety

Rabbi Aaron Alexander


41          Answer Our Prayers: Remarks at the National Cathedral Gun Violence Vigil

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld


45          Testimony Before the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee on Gun Violence

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz


49          Be Like Busch: An Open Letter from Four American Rabbis to the NRA Membership

Rabbis Aaron Alexander, Sharon Brous, Ronit Tsadok, and Menachem Creditor


53          On the Sandy Hook School Tragedy

Rabbi Sam Weintraub


59          You Shall Not Murder

Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin


65          The Blood of The Children Cries Out from

the Ground!

Rabbi Gary S. Creditor


69          The Blood of Your Fellow

Rabbi Daniel Kahane


71          Guns and Moses

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman


77          For Their Shoes

Rabbi Menachem Creditor


79          Waking Up: Gun Violence and Inequality

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann


89          Rising to Face Indifference to Gun Violence

Rabbi David Baum


97          Gun Owners: Who Will Stand Up and Say, 'Enough?!'

Rabbi Aaron Alexander and Rabbi Ronit Tsadok


101        It is Time to Put a Stop to This!

Rabbi Jack Riemer


107        Several Questions

Rabbi Gary S. Creditor


111        The Weapon's Shame: A Case for Gun Control in Jewish Law

Rabbi Ari Hart

115        Are They His Adornments? On Guns and Masculinity

Rabbi Aryeh Cohen


119        Newtown and New Orleans, Oak Creek and Oakland

Rabbi Amy Eilberg


123        When God Cries

Rabbi Jesse M. Olitzky


127        God Full Of Mercy

                Rabbi Ben Goldstein


129        Gun Violence in Our Country: A Crisis for Every Single American

Rabbi Aaron Alexander


133        To Stay Awake

                Rabbi Noah Z. Farkas


137        The Ten Commandments and Gun Violence

               Rabbi David Kaiman


141        Passover, Non-Violence and Gun Control

                Rabbi Aryeh Cohen


144        The Fifth Child

               Rabbi Joshua Hammerman


147        Karpas -Drenched in Tears: A reflection on Gun Violence in our Society for the Passover Seder

               Rabbi Ron Fish


151         AFTERWORD to the First Edition: A Just Day

                Teny Oded Gross


153        AFTERWORD to the Second Edition: Blood Upon Our House

                Dr. Erica Brown


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