Mar 19, 2014

A Follow Up to “An Open Letter to Alan Dershowitz”

A Follow Up to “An Open Letter to Alan Dershowitz”
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Yesterday, I shared on my blog an open letter to Professor Alan Dershowitz, after hearing from a friend that he had heard Dershowitz publicly refer to me as a “leftist pacifist.”  I reacted by articulating the nobility of the leftist, pacifist Zionism that I espouse. I accused Dershowitz of conflating my social progressive voice with an attack on Israel and of wielding Jewish ideals like weapons.

To my surprise, Professor Dershowitz emailed me in response to my letter, denying mentioning me, and accusing me of defamation. While I know that what I wrote was a defense of my own character and not defamation, his denial that he did not say what was reported is much appreciated.

I have deleted the blog entry of the original letter, and I appreciate his clarification.