Mar 11, 2014

Announcing: The Netivot Shalom Mishnah Project!

Netivot Shalom is learning Mishnah!

CNS Members are learning Mishnah, an early Jewish collection (ca. 400 CE)! Learning Mishnah is very accessible, with free online English translations, a variety of books, and CNS members who can help Mishnah-newcomers help find their ways! (Rabbi Creditor is also thrilled to meet with any interested members looking for some guidance!)

The commitment is:

1) Go to the CNS Mishnah project googledoc:
2) Select one or two units (please enter your name)
3) Commit to approximately 2 hours of reading and reflection by April 14

The Mishnah project is timed to culminate during minyan the morning before Pesach (April 14), where the Siyyum Bechorim (the Fast of the firstborns) takes place. You do not need to attend minyan that morning (7:15 am) to participate in the learning project, though you’re welcome to join the celebratory siyyum (completion) that morning!

Some places to explore Mishnah Mo’ed online are:
1) An intro to Seder (the Order of) Mo’ed:
2) All of Mishnah Moe’d in English – an free online translation – is here:
3) Afikomen Judaica (3042 Claremont Ave., Berkeley):
4) The CNS Library!

So, Netivot Shalom: are you ready? Let’s learn some Mishnah!