Mar 21, 2014

A short note of gratitude re: the Dershowitz letter/saga

A Short Note of Gratitude re: the Dershowitz letter/saga
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

To the many people I know (and many I do not) who have reached out in support, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Given the fast-paced and rhetoric-laced tenor of so many Israel-related conversations, it can become hard to know if anything helps. But here's what I believe: it's better than most people think. I'm currently working on a longish HuffPo piece sharing my reflections post-AIPAC, and while I'm not interested in engaging with the Dershowitz experience, it has also provided a beautiful context for what is already happening. As one friend, Hillary Chorny, put it: "When you speak out of love for Israel, [it] isn't left or right: it's straight-up holy." I believe that the emerging conversation is a holy one, that Zionism is bigger than politics, and that the Jewish capacity for debate is only growing.

To those who disagree, I can only say this: We spend too much time screaming about not being heard. Speak your heart's truth to build a better Israel. Everyone is listening, and time's awasting.