Mar 17, 2014

Get your Afikomen-stuffers early! (a Pre-Pesach book sale!)

Get your Afikomen-stuffers early!
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A Pesach Rhyme
A Pesach Rhyme
by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

This delightful children's book about Passover is a rhyming kids' companion for the seder! Illustrations by children accompany a text that explains while it entertains!

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Other Titles by Rabbi Creditor:
  • Siddur Tov leHodot -- A Transliterated Shabbat Morning Siddur: This is the first edition of an ongoing transliteration project designed to support those making their ways into Jewish Prayer.
  • Avodah: A Yom Kippur Story -- The drama of the High Priest on Yom Kippur unfolds in this rhyming riff from the High Priest's perspective, pointing to the powerful difference one person can make!
  • Fierce Feelings: Poems -- This second collection of poetry reflects one teacher's theology of the everyday. "Fierce Feelings" is a lyrical invitation to share a sacred experience with the world.
  • Peace in Our Cities: Rabbis Against Gun Violence -- The prophet Jeremiah told the weary and heart-broken exiles of Jerusalem that they should "seek the peace of the city." Rabbis, along with faith leaders of every tradition, teach that a broken society is one in which we fail to take care of others. This book asks some very hard questions of America in the midst of a Gun Violence epidemic, and presents a passionate, hopeful, healing response to a moment of national pain and fragility. The rabbis in this collection ask: How many innocent deaths will it take for our elected officials to respond with moral conviction? How long must America wait to acknowledge that we lose 30+ American lives to Gun Violence every day, scarring our national life? How many tears must be shed? Learn, connect, and be inspired with the voices of today's rabbinic leaders.
  • A Manifesto for the Future: Conservative/Masorti Judaism Dreaming from Within -- The future of Conservative/Masorti Judaism depends on voices like those shared in this book, which was created to fulfill the mission of ShefaNetwork: to bring together dreamers from within the Conservative/Masorti Movement and to give their dreams an audible voice. ShefaNetwork was born in December of 2004 to create a virtual community of professional and lay activists in the Conservative/Masorti movement and a place to discuss the movement's direction and ways of strengthening Conservative Judaism for the future. Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of the Shefa enterprise is the way it has avoided strict boundaries between the intellectual and the practical. Shefa has provided a very fruitful engagement between intellectuals and practitioners, many of whom should be described as falling in both categories. This is as it should be, because a religious movement needs both a coherent vision with philosophical rigor and historical perspective, and the practical wisdom to enact this vision. Usually, these two tasks are not done well by the same people, but that too is a bias that leads us to divide the world into "theorists" and "practitioners," as if the two are from different planets. If the Conservative movement is going to succeed in creating spiritual communities in its schools, synagogues and camps, it will have to bring together the theological visions of the movement's intellectual lights with the practical wisdom of professionals and lay people. The most important accomplishment of ShefaNetwork may be that it has begun a conversation that includes all of these essential voices.

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