Mar 6, 2014

Ben Shapiro at UCLA: "BDS is just another form of anti-semitism"

For those who have stood with our students at CAL and elsewhere, this video says it as well as any of us has. My arguments against BDS always begin with me asking "Have any of you asked the Jewish community if it believes in Two States for Two Peoples? Have you ever sat down with me and asked me if, as a rabbi, I believe in a Palestinian state?" Shapiro is correct in what he claims. BDS as strategically implemented around the United States isn't about peace - it's about hatred. And my methodology has changed, after being exposed time and time again to its tactics and tone on campus, city halls, and city councils. Enough. I'm ready to work for peace. That has to be acceptable to anyone in pursuit of peace. If not, we're not having the same conversation. It's time to invest in Israel's future.