Mar 15, 2014

Rejected Shul Slogans - Purim 2014

Rejected Shul Slogans - Purim 2014

Compiled by Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Rejected Shul Slogans

1.       "This is the shul of affliction." – (Alex Weinberg)

2.        "I upped my donation. Up yours." – (Rabbi Charles Arian)

3.       "Eat, Pray, Argue." (Rabbi Gail Labovitz)

4.       NOT the shul you wouldn't be caught dead in.. (Rabbi Gail Labovitz)

5.       "Moses Died for Your Sins… Too soon?" (Rabbi Matt Rosenberg)

6.       "Cheapest Dues in Town and A Rabbi That Shows It!" (Rabbi Neal Joseph Loevinger)

7.       "Join us for Yom Kippur... We serve ham and cheese sandwiches." (Rabbi Noam Raucher)

8.       "We practice relational Judaism so much even Jesus loves us!"(Rabbi Noam Raucher)

9.       "We put the "ish" in Heimish!" (Rabbi Jason Miller)

10.   "Temple Beth Mavet: We. Are. Kaddish." (Rabbi David Wise)

11.   "Our self-righteousness is your problem." (Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder)

12.   "Because we have always done it this way." (Rabbi Andrew Pepperstone)

13.   "We put the fun in dysfunctional." (Rabbi Andrew Pepperstone)

14.   "We're like your family only more dysfunctional" (Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder)

15.   "You'll love us. We are a warm, Amish shul." (Rabbi Michael Beals)

16.   "You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you .... the first half of Hatzi Kaddish" (Rabbi Rob Scheinberg )

17.   "Hate evil and love good, and pay your damn dues on time." (Rabbi Ben Goldstein)


Rejected Netivot Shalom Slogans

1.       "We're good enough, we're smart enough, and gosh darn it people like us!" (Jennifer Massie)

2.       "Netivot Shalom... we'll be the happy place you need after you leave Berkeley Bowl." (Shifra Pride Raffel)

3.       "Netivot Shalom: It used to be a liquor store and now it's... almost as fun." (Sandra Rosenblum )

4.       "So refreshing and invigorating, we almost called it Neti-pot Shalom!" (Rabbi Mike Rothbaum )

5.       "The shul you go to instead of the one you won't" (Sarah Lefton)

6.       "CNS: Participatory and egalitarian - a shul where, if you want something done, you get to do it yourself." (Joan Bradus)

7.       "CNS - Creditor Never Sleeps." (Sue Douglass)

8.       "Never wear white shoes after Labor Day. The rest is commentary." (Andy Cohen)

9.       "Congregation Netivot Shalom: Paths of Peace, much better than Highway of War" (Rabbi Shalom Bochner)

10.   "Netivot the intersection of Yahadut/Judaism and Berkeley" (Rom Rosenblum)

11.   "Jesus was here" (Liz Creditor)

12.   "Daven 'til you drop" (Coby Rudolph)

13.   "What's for kiddush?" (Coby Rudolph)

14.   "Featuring, "Race to the Lox!" Saturdays at 12:30." (Coby Rudolph)

15.   "A sandals and socks kind of shul." (Coby Rudolph)


Rabbi Sue Fendrick's Rejected Shul Slogans

1.       Where "shalom" is in our name because a war we started in our old congregation led to a breakaway.

2.       If you have to ask, it's assur/forbidden.

3.       Welcoming all kinds of Jews--with incomes of $250K plus.

4.       Where our rabbis are so odd, you'll feel normal by comparison.

5.       So much frummer than the apikorsim down the street.

6.       Whatever we are, it's definitely not Orthodox or Reform.

7.       We're so kosher, we only serve water at Kiddush. Just to be safe.

8.       Gayer than your mother's hairdresser.

9.       Reconstructing Judaism one misogynist xenophobic insanity at a time.

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